WHAT IF? – You were encouraged and taught from being a baby to focus on the good stuff in your life, appreciate more, to have total belief in yourself and know anything is possible. 

  • How different would your life be now?
  • How different would you feel now? 

If the above has been your experience that’s fantastic, if not how could you begin to move your life forward more positively in the best way for you?

  • What would it take for you to move forward positively in all areas of your life now?
  • What could you start today that would make you feel better in your mind and body?

Here are some relatively simple practices, once you start to use them in your everyday life you should begin to feel a positive shift forward, noticing your general health and wellbeing improving. 

Sleep – quality sleep is fundamental to a person’s health and well-being.  The practices below will help you to promote healthy sleeping patterns when used regularly.  

Mindfulness – helps to reduce anxiety, distractions, treat depression and improve focus.  There are lots of mindfulness apps available, choose one that works for you and practice daily.

Meditation – helps to rewire the brain, practiced daily it can help to reduce stress, increase sense of well-being, improve focus, memory and much more.  There are lots of guided meditations available, these can be a good start to daily meditation practice.

Being in Nature – natural light helps to regulate sleep and your body to absorb vitamin D, lower stress hormone levels and promote general wellbeing. By reconnecting with nature, you will ultimately reconnect to yourself and others.

Yoga – can help to ease and decrease stress, anxiety, depression and promote relaxation and aid sleep.  There are lots more health benefits to yoga including many physical benefits such as increasing strength, flexibility and healthy eating habits.

Healthy Diet – improves overall wellness, mood, memory and increased energy levels.  Eating a well-balanced diet induces restful sleep and longevity. Other health benefits such as improved gut health, strong bones, teeth and heart health are essential for a health body inside and out. 

Exercise – improves overall wellness, mood and helps to decrease stress, depressions and anxiety.  These changes will lead to better sleep, memory, improved endurance and physical changes, increasing self-esteem and confidence. 

Positive Thinking – allows you to be in a space of wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety.  You will begin to feel happier and more happiness will lead to more success and the more fulfilled you will become in your life. 

These ways of living complement each other, helping you to remain healthy, focused and well balanced in your mind and body.  

Have fun and do more of what you love. 

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.